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Viroi Lake
January 16, 2024

The Viroi Lake situated 3 km far from Gjirokastra city, is a natural miracle. It is a mysterious cave with crystal waters, and many underground waters flowing from different sources. The lake has a surface 17.5 ha. The depth is far from exploring, since it goes to very deep channels no one can reach. According to legends this lake is linked with other lakes, and caves, and beautiful natural sources such as Skotini Cave and Blu Eye in Saranda.

A professional guide will accompany you to the depth of the lake. You will be equipped with uniform and other facilities and be accompanied by a very professional diver. The path you will explore will be prepared before by staff, and lightened to secure your experience. The waters are clean, so the visibility is up to 30 m, so you can be under the waters and you can see the people and landscape outside.

The experience is very emotional. The shape o cave, and what you will see inside will leave you breathless.

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